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About Bill ...

If you're interested in visiting, read about what it's like to visit him here.

Highly regarded for his teaching skills, Bill's instruction has had a profound influence on the Swing & Lindy Hop scene for the past 15 years.
He has taught on 4 continents and in over 30 countries.
He has been on the teaching staff at many international dance camps
(including Herrang &Swing Out New Hampshire)
and has judged at numerous Lindy Hop competitions.

Known as the teacher's teacher, many of his former students are now teaching & performing on the international circuit. Here's a partial list of the better known dancers who got their wings from Bill:
Skye Humphries
Ramona Staffeld
JoJo Jackson
Andy Reid
Sarah Spence
Caitlin George
Minnie's Moochers
Chris Yee (helped bring LH to Chicago)
Chachi Geraldo (Chicago, Toronto)
Elizabeth Miller (Boston)
.... and many many more Ithaca & Austin dancers too numerous to name!

Here's a bit of lindy hop history from 1998:

Bill is grateful for the talented & generous teachers that passed Lindy Hop on to him, especially: Frankie Manning, Steven Mitchell, Ryan Francois, & The Rhythm Hot Shots.